Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Me: Hey...what's a "Novemberist"?
Sasha: A what?
Me: *gets out a legal pad with a very long song written on it* Here. "See Novemberists in the street." What's a Novemberist?
Sasha: What's this?
Me: A song I wrote. Except I have no idea what a Novemberist is. What's a Novemberist?
Sasha: Well, I know what a Decemberist is.
Me: Yeah! The Decemberists! So, you've given their music a listen to?
Sasha: No.
Me: Ah...it's weird, 'cause I have no idea what a Novemberist is, even though I wrote this song. *reconsidering* Actually...I was on meletonin when I wrote this anyway.
Sasha: Meletonin?
Me: Yeah. There was meletonin in my brain.
Sasha: *gives me genuinely surprised look* How did THAT get in there?

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