Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Becky: "Bonnie, what's your favorite band?"

Me: "Eh, probably Pink Floyd."

Becky: "Why? What do they sing about?"

Me: (making sure my answer is carefully chosen because my mother is within earshot) "Sad stuff...but it didn't always have to be that way! They used to sing about happy stuff! Like cats! And gnomes! And bikes!"

Becky: "GNOMES?"

Mum: "Bikes?"

Me: "Yeah, bikes."

Mum: "D'you mean motor-bikes, or the kind of bikes you pedal?"

Me: "Normal bikes. The kind you ride on the sidewalk. The kind I have."

Mum: (looks at me with a strange look that suggests I knew more than she thought) "Oh..."

(Taken from an interesting conversation with my sister and later my mum regarding the nature of Pink Floyd.)

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